As we all transition to benefits administration in the post-ACA era, we realize how much is changing and how important the need is for technology that can keep up with the changes. HRIS systems and benefits administration systems are necessary to keep operations running smoothly but the two systems are overlapping and it can be hard to distinguish the difference between the two.

HRIS systems should cover onboarding, payroll, benefits, performance management, work history and recruiting to name a few. Benefits administration systems should include, benefits enrollment, life events, cobra, also, benefit education and communication.

Employers feel having a benefits administration system that can do more will ease the administrative burden, but keeping the two separate is important. Ben admin systems can get bogged down with compliance.

Having a good benefits administration system can engage employees year round and improve participation in voluntary benefits enrollment as well. When employees are engaged and informed with their benefits, they are likely to use them correctly and when needed, reducing the amount of confusion for employees and human resource departments.

Is your HR department still using paper? How is information being sent to carriers? What can a benefits administration system do to ease the burden on your departments?

When choosing a system, think long term, past year one. Look for something that will enhance productivity, and is easy to navigate.

Suite HR is simple and simple is Suite. Simple is happy employees. We have the solution.