2016, an expensive year for ACA compliance.

The Affordable Care Act has increased health care costs to many employers, but 2016 might just be the most costly years yet. New reporting & notification requirements bring new headaches, and new expenses.

Maintaining compliance comes at a cost, labor for long hours to comply, manual data collection, all increase costs, especially for smaller organizations.

Organizations are […]

Managing Time and Labor…the simple way!

Collecting, organizing and processing time information on paper is tremendously tedious and time consuming. SuiteHR can help manage time and labor to ease the administrative burden it can cause.

  • Enable clocking in and out on a mobile device or pc. Close to 90% of Americans use a smart device, SuiteHR makes time and attendance […]

Worried how you’ll manage ACA compliance?

Since the Affordable Care Act has mandated large employers to file information returns with the IRS and provide statements to their full time employees about the health insurance they are offered, reporting has become more difficult and time consuming. Employers will have to track, integrate and analyze data across time and attendance, payroll and HR.

The […]

ACA Reporting…what you need to know

Under the Affordable Care Act, employers with 50 or more full time equivalent employees are now required to report to the IRS that they are providing minimum essential coverage to their employees. This reporting is important to verify that everyone is compliant with the new regulations. Reporting shows that minimum essential coverage is provided and […]

How the ACA affects group benefits

So much has been changing at the individual level of health insurance but what we don’t see or may not realize is the direct correlation it has to the benefits you offer your employees. We often think the health insurance exchange just affects people who don’t have access to care or people who don’t have […]