2016, an expensive year for ACA compliance.

The Affordable Care Act has increased health care costs to many employers, but 2016 might just be the most costly years yet. New reporting & notification requirements bring new headaches, and new expenses.

Maintaining compliance comes at a cost, labor for long hours to comply, manual data collection, all increase costs, especially for smaller organizations.

Organizations are […]

Pay or Play

Under the ACA, the “employer shared responsibility provision” sometimes referred to as “Pay or Play”, mid-size to large employers can choose to offer health insurance or pay a penalty. Employers may be trying to decide whether they want to pay the penalty or “play” and offer coverage to their employees.

First, some questions you might need […]

Simple is Suite

When you have too many systems, too many passwords, too much data, and too little time, you need a simple solution. Here at The Guard Group, we have that solution. A combination of technology, services and advice that makes the difference.

Problems such as new legislation, changing workforce and expanded benefits lead to extra reporting, too […]

ACA Reporting…what you need to know

Under the Affordable Care Act, employers with 50 or more full time equivalent employees are now required to report to the IRS that they are providing minimum essential coverage to their employees. This reporting is important to verify that everyone is compliant with the new regulations. Reporting shows that minimum essential coverage is provided and […]