Employers are doing everything they can to control healthcare costs, three increasingly popular solutions are telemedicine, social media benefits communication, and online enrollment, according to the Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.’s 2015 benchmarking survey.

Are these solutions that you currently offer to your employees? Could you add or expand these ideas within your company?

Here at The Guard Group, our goal is to help employers reduce healthcare costs, and at the same time make HR and benefits administration a process that becomes simple.

Here are a few ways to help reduce healthcare expenses:

  • Telemedicine
    • Telemedicine is helping to solve healthcare access problems and drive down the cost of healthcare. HDHP’s are extremely popular to bring down overall premiums, but increasing the out of pocket expense for employees. One of the ways to combat out of pocket expenses is Telemedicine. Telephonic medical consultations will reduce office visit co-pays and claims against employers utilization. Another benefit for employers, less time employees will be out of the office for doctors appointments. Two great benefits for employees, less out of pocket expenses and they won’t be spending valuable time waiting in doctors offices surrounded by other sick patients.
  • Online Benefits Enrollment
    • Annual open enrollment can be expensive, not just the amount of time your HR and benefits staff will spend getting all of your employees enrolled, but the materials you use to communicate with employees. Employers have been using online benefits enrollment systems to streamline their process. Employees enroll online, no paper, on their time! Your HR department won’t be handling paper enrollments, faxing forms back and forth, and not to mention printing employee communication materials. When everything is offered online, employees can review options, elect benefits and make their decisions quickly!
  • Social Media
    • Employers have taken to social media to communicate benefits information. And why not! This is a free and easy way to communicate with employees. Let’s face it, the benefits packets you send home might get tossed aside. By most of your workforce is probably on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. You can also use blogs or podcasts to engage employees with videos or even contests to get them involved. Using these free resources will help employees communicate with eachother, get them talking and inform them of important interoffice topics.
The Guard Group stays up to date with new and interesting ways to reduce healthcare costs, let us guide you step by step!