Having an automated time and attendance system may just seem like a bonus to your human resource department, but at the end of the day, it really does make more “cents” to invest in an automated system. How much time and money are you actually losing on a manual system?

Manually processing time and attendance can come at a cost. Time theft and human error are two reasons manually processing payroll can result in hidden costs.

When employees are reporting time manually, they are not going to be precise as if they were using an automated system. Let’s face it, most of us can hardly remember what we did yesterday so remembering the exact hours we worked 2 days ago or even last week could be a stretch. So your employees will find themselves “assuming” they worked a normal day but could have left early for an appointment or may have come in late. You’re paying them for time that was not worked. Employees might not be doing this intentionally but it will come at a cost to you.

Adding up time sheets might not seem like a hard job, even with a calculator! But having employees add up their own hours or even having HR do all the time and attendance calculations can lead to mistakes.
Not to mention compensating someone to calculate and manually enter payroll, when they could be productive in other areas.

What is the solution? One of the easiest and most accurate new solutions is mobile time and attendance. Developed in response to the growing need for mobile technology, SuiteHR is ideally suited for companies with employees and managers who are on the move.

Don’t worry about remote or field employees punching in from the wrong location. Managers can set geospatial limitations to ensure employees are only punching in at a specified location, down to a tenth of a mile. You won’t have to worry about employees clocking out at 5 even though they’ve been home since 3.

This brings peace of mind to employers, knowing you’re paying your employees for the job they’re supposed to be doing. It just makes “cents”!