Looking for a simpler, more cost-effective, efficient way to manage your workforce? Our HRIS Solutions, composed of a SINGLE DATABASE for Payroll, Time and Labor, and Human Resources, makes it possible for you to accurately manage all aspects of your workforce through ONE web-based application.

  • Time and Labor – Hours, Time Off Workflow, Job Costing
  • Human Resources – Recruiting, Onboarding, and much more
  • Payroll – Cloud-based, Configurable, Simple
  • ACA Monitor – Compliance, Cost Control, Track & Analyze Data
  • Mobile – Apple® and Android™ Platform Availability

By automating many of the manual, time-consuming processes associated with managing your workforce, our HRIS Solutions will improve your operational processes, reduce costs, save time, and ease compliance.

HRIS Solutions

Time & Labor Management

The Time and Labor Management application streamlines processes associated with the completion of payroll, while assisting you with your compliance efforts with applicable labor laws.

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Human Resources

The Human Resources is a powerful application that enables companies to automate and create more efficient HR processes. This feature-rich application will help you accurately and quickly complete HR-related tasks.

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The Payroll application makes it simple to have your organization’s payroll executed how you want it. With advanced configurability, this application helps you accurately run payroll.

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ACA Monitor

Our ACA module can help you manage ACA administration with tools that execute your ACA strategy. It makes Affordable Care Act compliance simple!

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HRIS Mobile

HRIS functionality including Time and Labor Management, Human Resources, and Payroll designed for out-of-office use.

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Looking for an easier way to manage your organization’s costliest asset?

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