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HR Advisory Services

Businesses need the power and expertise of leading HR experts. We understand the importance of providing the service and protection today’s businesses require.  As our client, we’re offering you unlimited and immediate access to our strategic HR partner so you benefit from direct access to all the resources and guidance you need to make your business thrive.  We understand that every business faces challenges that require time, resources and expertise that may not be readily available.  By partnering with The Guard Group, you’ll receive a wealth of support from our team of professionals who will do the work for you to solve HR issues.

Expert HR

Benefits Administration

We can help you manage all of your benefits & human resource administration all in one place. In just a couple clicks you can manage your benefits and enroll new employees. Does your employee have a qualifying event, status change or need to request time off? They can do this all in one place. Less work for Human resources and a streamline approach to benefits administration.

Payroll & Tax Services

Growing your business and adding new employees to your team is wonderful but does add to the to do list. Add your new employee to the system once and the information is then pushed through to payroll. Employees can manage important changes themselves without extra paperwork added to your plate. They can change bank information, change addresses or add dependents.

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We provide a robust HR application that enables you to streamline and automate HR tasks effectively and efficiently.  Manage Time & Labor, enrollment, communication, performance reviews and much more.

ACA Reporting

With the new requirements under the ACA, employers have more to report than ever before. Our system keeps track of this information for you and will generate the reports you need. No need to manually report this information.


The recruitment module allows you to post open positions on your website and job boards, those link to the applicant tracking system where the applicant creates their own account. You are notified when the applicant applies, then you can begin the interviewing process.

One Touch New Hire Onboarding/Offboarding

The paperwork that comes with hiring and termination can be overwhelming for everyone. Having all the information in one online portal allows employees to sign important documents, review employee handbooks, and have them all stored in one place. They can submit all the payroll information needed, sign up for direct deposit and review compliance notices all in one place. This allows you to start their first day off on the right foot, not in front of a stack of paperwork!

Performance Management

Automated method for managers to review employees and for employees to review their own performance through a multi-tier review process. Performance reviews are measured through competencies, goals, and core values, providing you with a comprehensive way to track employee performance.

Online Benefits Enrollment

Collecting paper applications and faxing forms to insurance carriers is a thing of the past. Open enrollment generates lots of paperwork and headaches. But when you have an online enrollment system, employees log in, select their benefits, add dependents, change personal information all in one place. When they’re done, you get the final report. This makes premium deductions a breeze! Once employees enroll, each carrier gets reports of their selections. Have a new hire outside of open enrollment? Easy! They log in and enroll when they are eligible. Employees that have any qualifying events can log in and make changes themselves.

Wellness Programs

Wellness programs are extremely successful and give employers their ROI by getting employees and their families involved. Wellness programs need to start from the top down, we believe management needs to be 100% involved and ready to jump in head first! There are a lot of moving parts to a wellness program so we help create the program that will work for you, facilitate wellness vendors and put a strategy in place to keep employees proactively on top of their health. This way, we can keep insurance claims down which in turn helps keep overall insurance premiums down. A win win for everyone!