The Affordable Care Act has increased health care costs to many employers, but 2016 might just be the most costly years yet. New reporting & notification requirements bring new headaches, and new expenses.

Maintaining compliance comes at a cost, labor for long hours to comply, manual data collection, all increase costs, especially for smaller organizations.

Organizations are looking to control costs now, as there are most likely more costly years ahead. Employers are adding high deductible health plans to their benefit options to reduce overall premiums. Not only are employers making changes to benefit plans, they are also looking for solutions to help with data collection, benefit administration, time and labor management. If employers can reduce the amount of time and labor spent manually reporting to stay in compliance, that can help reduce some of the cost increases.

The Guard Group and Suite HR have the solution. Employers have to provide reports to employees, and the IRS which is an overwhelming task of data collection. SuiteHR has an ACA module that allows you to proactively manage your ACA compliance strategy across your entire workforce.

How does your organization plan to control rising health care and compliance costs?

Let us show you how simple it can be.